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Stage Plot

"CROSSFIRE is a band featuring musicians from all over southeastern Wisconsin. This new version of the band has a fresh commitment to giving audiences something different to listen to. Lead vocals are shared equally among the three featured singers in the group, offering audiences an exciting variety of music and styles. There are a few original songs in the set list as well. There will be surprises from set to set; you may hear acoustic instruments one minute, and electric guitars the next.

Members of this lineup have played showcases in Nashville, festivals and fairs in Wisconsin, and the band will continue to carry on a strong tradition of playing music everyone can enjoy and relate to. The band is looking forward to meeting you at the next Crossfire performance."

Rick Fredrick:  Electric and acoustic guitars, mandolin, banjo and vocals
Rick is the only original member of Crossfire which was formed in 1998. Playing music is something he has enjoyed for years. Like most musicians, his biggest kick comes from performing in front of a large audience that’s into the material the group is playing. Rick can be heard on guitar, mandolin, and banjo along with contributing to the unique blend of vocals.

Gary Koehler:  Guitar and vocals
Gary played drums with previous versions of Crossfire, Chasin' Mason, Greg Koch and the Tone Controls, Pete Monfrey and the Brewtown Playboys, Dusty Drapes and his Shades of Swing, Sky Harbor Band, and Spike and the Eargoggles. His guitar playing was heard with Midnight Highway, and now Crossfire. Gary's gear includes a Line 6 Variax, Telecaster with body by Ron Kirn, 4x10 Fender tweed DeVille (Rick’s), and various effects devices.

Mick Kornowski:  Bass guitar and vocals
Mick has been in bands since the age of 14, from the ‘60’s (Crosstown Subway), the ‘70’s (Rock Tin and the Balloons), two ‘Home Town’ albums (94KTI and 93QFM), the late ‘90’s (The Bandits) and now presently enjoying Crossfire. Mick uses Fender basses, David Eden and Ampeg power amps.

Lee Wanek:  Drums
Lee was 12 years old when his first drum set was delivered to his parents' home in Two Rivers.  It was not long before he and a few friends assembled a band.  Soon they were appearing at local dances throughout the area.  The ultimate gig was their 8th grade graduation party.  The fact that they knew only five songs - played over and over - was apparently not a problem as everyone had a great time dancing the night away.  Now whenever he hears CCR, he thinks of those early days.  Eventually Lee left his hometown in pursuit of loftier musical experiences.  In the ensuing years he played with Sunblind Lion, Keith Abler and The Lion Band, The Dave Steffen Band, Jules Blattner, Pork and The Havana Ducks, and The Walton Brothers in Nashville.  As a member of Crossfire, Lee appreciates the solid musicianship, the vocal harmonies,  and the appeal of the songs, as well as the enthusiasm shown by Crossfire fans.

John and Susi Geiger:  Sound and Lighting Tech Support
John and Susi Geiger are our production team.  John comes from a musical family. His mother played the drums and his father played guitar.  He has been mixing for over 20 years and worked with The 48th Street Rockers, Big Bang Theory, Kb'smidlifecrisis, Great Guns and many others. 
Susi grew up back stage in the theater watching her mother perform and her father run production.  After meeting John and going to shows she took an interest in lighting herself and the team was formed. Both are honored to be part of the Crossfire family and hope to see you all at a show very soon.